Piano Quintets



First name: Roland
Last name: Batik
Dates: 1951
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Austrian
Opus name: Vier Bagatellen für Streichquartett und Klavier
Publisher: Doblinger
Peculiarities: http://www.rolandbatik.com/werkverzeichnis/ http://www.doblinger-musikverlag.at/dyn/kataloge/99_110_Katalog_Streicher_DIGI_150211.pdf
Information: Composer website: http://www.doblinger-musikverlag.at/dyn/kataloge/99_110_Katalog_Streicher_DIGI_150211.pdf From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Roland Batik (born August 19, 1951 in Vienna) is an Austrian pianist, composer, jazz musician and piano teacher. In the style of his compositions, he is seeking a fusion of classical elements with Jazz. Among other, his music is frequently broadcast in the Austrian radio program Ö1.