Piano Quintets



First name: Chris Cree
Last name: Brown
Dates: 1953
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Newzealander
Opus name: Piece for piano and string quartet (1975)
Peculiarities: https://www.sounz.org.nz/works/14962
Information: (https://www.sounz.org.nz/contributors/1022) Chris Cree Brown is an Associate Professor at the School of Music, University of Canterbury. He has very diverse interests that include: conventional instrumental composition, electroacoustic and computer music, and inter-media art. He has twice been awarded the Mozart Fellowship at the University of Otago, has twice been appointed Composer-in-Schools and has written a number of film scores. Along with Icescape, for orchestra, is an electro-acoustic work, Under Erebus that were a result of his trip to Antarctica under the Artists to Antarctica programme run under the auspices of Antarctic New Zealand and with the assistance of Creative New Zealand.