Piano Quintets



First name: Gottfred
Last name: Matthison-Hansen
Dates: 1832-1909
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Danish
Opus name: Piano Quintet in Es Opus 3
Publisher: Karpen
Peculiarities: Karpen EK1003
Information: Johan(n) Got(t)fred [Gottfried] Matthison-Hansen was a Danish organist and composer. The son of Hans Matthison Hansen, he was since 1859 organist at the German Church of Copenhagen. After period of studies in Leipzig, he became in 1868 organ teacher, in 1884 piano teacher and in 1900 member of board of directors at the Conservatory of Copenhagen. His compositions include: concert piece (Konzertstück) for organ, organ fantasia, violin and a cello sonata, ballad for piano, piano trio, and other works. (http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Lib/Matthison-Hansen-Gottfred.htm)