Piano Quintets



First name: Maria
Last name: Bach
Dates: 1896-1978
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Austrian
Opus name: Piano Quintet (1930)
Peculiarities: http://www.earsense.org/chamberbase/works/detail/?pkey=26692
Information: Bach, Maria (1896 - 1978) Austrian pianist and composer Maria Bach was born (March 1, 1896) in Vienna, of the famous Bach dynasty, the daughter of a violinist. She was taught piano from childhood and then studied the violin under Arnold Rose. Bach originally intended to become a concert pianist but with the success of her piano piece Flohtanz (1917) she studied composition under Joseph Marx. Her other instrumental pieces included Sonata (1922) for violincello, Wilde Myrthe (1952) and Holztanz (1957) for the piano. Maria Bach was awarded the first prize in the Buenos Aires International Composer’s Competition (1962). She also composed songs cycles such as the Japanischer Fruhling (1921) which consisted of fifteen Japanese songs with traditional lyrics, and several lieder compositions. Maria Bach died (Feb 26, 1978) aged eighty-one.