Piano Quintets



First name: Henri J.
Last name: Bertini
Dates: 1798-1876
Category: Quintet
Nationality: French
Opus name: Grand Rondo de Concert, Opus 105
Peculiarities: imslp Petrucci (the piano part only)
Information: Henri Jerome Bertini was born in London on October 28, 1798, but his family returned to Paris six months later. He received his early musical education from his father and his brother, a pupil of Clementi. He was considered a child prodigy and at the age of 12 his father took him on a tour of England, Holland, Flanders, and Germany where he was enthusiastically received. After studies in composition in England and Scotland he was appointed professor of music in Brussells but returned to Paris in 1821. He was also admired as a chamber music performer, giving concerts with his friends Fontaine (violin) and Franchomme (cello). He remained active in and around Paris until around 1848 when he retired from the musical scene. In 1859 he moved to Meylan (near Grenoble) where he died on September 30, 1876.