Piano Quintets



First name: Aivars
Last name: Broks
Dates: 1955
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Latvian
Opus name: Arrangement of Jerome Kern's Song Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Peculiarities: http://www.lmic.lv/core.php?pageId=778
Information: Aivars Broks was born on September 28th, 1955 in Daugavpils to the family of choir conductors Stanislavs Broks and Terzija Broka. He gained his teaching and accompanist qualifications after studies at the Daugavpils College of Music piano department (1971–1975, Raisa Nahmanovia) and his studies at the Latvian State Conservatory performance department (1975–1980, Rafi Haradžanjans – piano, Maija Saiva – chamber ensemble, Daina Graubia – accompanist class). In 1989 he further developed his skills in monthly courses at the Moscow Gnesin Institute performance department. He studied in the Latvian Academy of Music’s composition department (1992–1994, Juris Karlsons – composition, Ludvigs Krkliš – harmony, Georgs Pelcis – polyphony). He has worked as an accompanist at the Latvian State Conservatory (1977) and as a teacher at the Jelgava College of Music (1979–1980). He was a musician in the regional defence headquarters’ orchestra (tenor) and pianist (1980–1982), artist at the PPIO Daugava (1993–1994), pianist at the hotels Hotell St. Gotthard in Zurich and Hotell de la Paix in Geneva, Switzerland. Still, his professional work is most closely associated with the Daugavpils College of Music, where he began to work as an accompanist (1974–1975), later as a teacher and accompanist (1980, 1982–1993) and director of the piano department (1984–1992). As of 1995, Aivars Broks is the director of the Daugavpils College of Music. In 1997, the musician turned to conducting, starting work with the Daugavpils College of Music chamber orchestra, with which he prepared and performed many concert programmes. In February of 1998, the orchestra performed at the Mozart music festival in Riga, and has multiple times participated in the international festival September Chamber Music Days (1999–2002).