Piano Quintets



First name: Vytautas
Last name: Barkauskas
Dates: 1931
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Lithuanian
Opus name: Piano Quintet Opus 60 (1980)
Peculiarities: http://www.mxl.lt/en/classical/works/list?f_adv=t&f_ins=55,65,66,67&page=7&PHPSESSID=fdad13395c48f01fef92dce975a1c7df
Information: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vytautas Barkauskas (born March 25, 1931) is a Lithuanian composer and is a Professor of Composition of the Lithuanian Academy of Music, where he has taught since 1961. Barkauskas has degrees in mathematics (1953) and music composition (1959) from the University of Vilnius. He was one of the most active avant-garde composers in Lithuania in the 1960s, influenced by Krzysztof Penderecki, Witold Lutos?awski and György Ligeti. However he has now moved towards more intuitively arranged sounds, striving to create naturally beautiful music, writing more chamber music. "I do not restrict myself to any single, defined compositional system, but am constantly searching for a natural stylistic synthesis. I strive to make my music expressive, emotional and of a concerto type", Barkauskas says. His works have been performed at international festivals, competitions and concerts in various European, American and Asian countries.