Piano Quintets



First name: Vytautas
Last name: Montvila
Dates: 1935-2003
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Lithuanian
Opus name: Quintet of the Signs (2000)
Peculiarities: http://www.mxl.lt/en/classical/works/list?f_adv=t&f_ins=55,65,66,67&page=5&PHPSESSID=fdad13395c48f01fef92dce975a1c7df
Information: In the 1960s Vytautas Montvila (1935-2003) was one of the most enthusiastic modernizers of Lithuanian music, blending modern composition techniques - micropolyphony, aleatorics, serialism - with the elements of the Lithuanian folk music, especially sutartin?s (old polyphonic singing). One of the most vivid examples of this period is symphonic composition Gothic Poem (1970), often played in Lithuania and abroad. His oeuvre numbers over 300 symphonic, chamber, vocal and choral compositions as well as harmonizations of Lithuanian folk songs. Especially popular is his piano music.