Piano Quintets



First name: Mindaugas
Last name: Urbaitis
Dates: 1952
Category: Quintet
Nationality: Lithuanian
Opus name: Stillness (2000)
Peculiarities: http://www.mxl.lt/en/classical/works/list?f_adv=t&f_ins=55,65,66,67&page=5&PHPSESSID=fdad13395c48f01fef92dce975a1c7df
Information: Mindaugas Urbaitis (01/06/1952), a Lithuanian composer, born in Kaunas. He graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music were studied composition with Prof.Dr.Julius Juzeliunas (1975) and finished a postgraduate course there (1977). In 1991-1996 Chairman of the Lithuanian Composers' Union, in 1991-1995 Artistic Director of the International Baltic Music Festival "Gaida", Vilnius, Lithuania. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. Featured composer at the Music Harvest '92 Festival in Odense, Denmark, Bornholm Music Festival, Denmark, the Vale of Glamorgan Festival, Wales, United Kingdom, Vilnius Festival, Lithuania. Source: http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/user_page.pl?url=mindaugasurbaitis