Piano Quintets



Last Name First Name Composition Options
O LearyJaneApart/TogetherVieuw O Leary's details
O LearyJanePiano Quintet (2005)Vieuw O Leary's details
OfenbauerChristianZERSTÖRUNG DES ZIMMERS/DER ZEIT (2000), Konzertfassung für Streichquartett und Klavier Vieuw Ofenbauer's details
OgenasjanEdgarKvintet dlja dvuch skripok, alta, violncell i fortepiano in D (1955)Vieuw Ogenasjan's details
OjaEduardpiano Quintet (1935)Vieuw Oja's details
OldbergArnePiano Quintet in Cis minor, Opus 24 (1908)Vieuw Oldberg's details
OlesenThomas AgerfeldtBochum for pianoquintet (2003)Vieuw Olesen's details
OliveVivienneOmmaggio (1990)Vieuw Olive's details
OlofssonKentSplinters - Silhouettes - Shadows (2010) for harpsichord & string quartetVieuw Olofsson's details
OrdwayScottI. Piano Quintet No. 1: \"At the end of the long feast of goodness and time\" (2008); II. Mare Vitalis: Part II \"Townland\" (2016)Vieuw Ordway's details
OrkinEvgeni Quintett für zwei Violinen, Bratsche, Cello und Klavier, Opus 61Vieuw Orkin's details
OrnsteinLeoQuintette for piano and strings Opus 72 (publication date 2005)Vieuw Ornstein's details
Orrego-SalasJuonEncuentros for Piano QuintetVieuw Orrego-Salas's details
OtterstroemThorwaldPiano Quintet in C minor (1902)Vieuw Otterstroem's details